… that Joseph Schumpeter once challenged a librarian to a duel (over his students’ access to books).  He won (after taking a chunk of the librarian’s shoulder out with his sword).  This book looks interesting.

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  1. Three things I remember about the NC library:

    Andy Snyder arguing about late fees, the head librarian making a concession, and Andy *very loudly* saying “Oooh look! A carrot!!!”

    You could vault over the 2nd floor railing onto the mezzanine landing

    You could reset the public access green-screen terminals to go wandering around Tampa’s IBM mainframe.

  2. Now if only the librarian had responded to Andy’s comment with the unsheathing of a sword, or a duel-inviting glove slap. 🙂

    Ah, the NC library. It’s been a while since I thought of it (with or without an overlay of duel fantasy)… I recall helping someone (JB?) sneak large piles of overdue books back in during the shift of a sympathetic front-desk worker (Brandi?). I’m uncertain about the details now (especially the people involved), but the stack of books is easily in the 4-6′ range in my memory. [JB: if you’re reading comments, can you confirm/deny?]

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