May 072007

The worm below is participating (unwillingly, perhaps) in the creation of some pretty cool aleatoric music.  This reminds me of the software-based aleatoric project Doug and I did more than a decade ago (entitled, for some reason, "Just be Limp and Let me Abuse You").  I think I actually just encountered a floppy disk containing a backup of the code a couple of weeks ago, actually.  Doug:  do you remember what the input for JBLALMAY was?

[Article. Via STREETtech.]

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  1. Josh,

    I could probably figure it out if you shot me the code. I think they were well enough integrated that I could figure out the data.

    BTW, JBL&LMAY was, if I remember correctly, something that Zoe said to you when you were resisting her attempts to make you somehow uncomfortable (don’t really recall the specifics). It was just too good a quote to pass up for a 24 minute piece of atonal dissonance.

    I’ll have to see if I still have a tape somewhere.

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