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With this contribution, we continue our series of articles, which deals with potential SAP interview questions. Today we will discuss the issue of the interview as part of the discount agreements concluded at SAP. This SAP feature relates to sales and distribution (SD), Billing (BIL). Therefore, this contribution should be of great interest to SAP SD consultants. Validly proposed by/proposed for Specer the standard validity periods that the system automatically proposes when creating the reduction agreement. The default setting applicable from the date is very important whether or not we offer a retroactive discount. If we leave this field blank, the discount will be valid from the current date. If we specify the value “first day of the year”, the reduction agreement is valid from the first day of the year, although the agreement is established on the current date, which is called a retroactive reduction. Default Status: Specifies the default status of the discount agreement. In general, it will be “open”. Discount management is the process of documenting supplier agreements, tracking purchases and sales based on agreements, and managing provisions and discount fees. The SAP discount agreement creates a transparent mechanism instead of having larger discounts for large customers and vice versa. Provisions: If we check this field, the “Cancelled provisions” field will be automatically displayed in the discount agreement with the discount amount paid to the customer.

It is always a proven method to check this field. 5: Accounts are concluded once an agreement is terminated. Finance: As soon as the goods have been delivered with the statement, the financial person of credit interagulates with the client financier for the financial accounts. To see the updated discounted provisions in the discount contract, select the set of terms of the agreement and select the “Payment Data” icon. Hierarchical discount: it allows packaging rates for a node/material in the customer hierarchy or only according to the hierarchy. Create discount agreements: VBO1 Easy Access- Logistics- SD- basic data- Discount agreements- Agreement type: 0002 &Press Enter. Go to VF01 and create a credit application (enter and save). The process of setting up discounts in SAP SD consists of ten steps: when establishing the discount contract for the customer, we specified the type of discount agreement.

To do this, we need to define the type of agreement with the necessary functionality.. . .

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