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This contract, dated the day _____ of ___ in 20______ is concluded between [name of company] and [name of staff] of [City, Land]. This document constitutes a contract of employment between these two parties and is subject to the laws of [state or district]. If you want to start a business and hire your first employee or just want to review your current contracts, this checklist with key topics in an employment contract can be helpful. It is also accepted that once your employment relationship is over, you will not request transactions from any of the employer`s clients for a period of at least [time lapse]. Be sure to have your employment contracts checked by a lawyer so that they comply with local laws and industry regulations. Of course, the above is not an exhaustive list of what any employment contract should have. What is relevant is that employers and their personal function take the time to understand that an employment contract is not a “cut and paste” exercise that must be locked in a filing cabinet after the employee has signed the contract. As an essential document that regulates the employer/employee relationship (sometimes sensitive), it is a means to an end, but not to the objective itself. The liberal professions are not employees, so you cannot sign an employment contract with them, unless you intend to hire them.

Instead, you can use an independent contractor contract. As compensation for the services provided, the employee receives a salary of $______ All payments are subject to mandatory deductions on employment (public and federal taxes, Social Security, Medicare). This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the two parties and supersedes all prior written or oral agreements. This Agreement may be amended at any time, provided that the employer and the worker consent in writing. Online employment contracts are a hundred and a dozen. As a company, it is tempting to download a template employment contract in order to save time and costs. However, the reckless use of the models (as well as the incomprehensible understanding of the content of the contract) can have serious consequences. These general conditions are: – The date of the beginning of employment. – The title of the work with the extent of the work requested by the worker. – The number of hours of work to be completed in a week.

– The duration of the trial period. . . . .

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