Dispatch Service Agreements

Sep 172021

CONSIDERATION The Carrier undertakes to pay for the shipment in accordance with the agreed terms, as set out in the “Carrier`s Obligations” section of this AGREEMENT for each cargo concluded. After 30 days, the account can be transferred to pickup. A cargo is considered “completed” as soon as a bill of lading (BOL) has been signed by the consignee. Dispatch only invoices the carrier by e-mail or fax, in accordance with the terms of the contract. Payment is made to DISPATCH by reducing the final payment by 5% or at least $25 with carrier`s bill factoring service of choice or charged by CARRIER`s registered credit card. Once the payment has been processed, CARRIER receives a confirmation by e-mail. The service fee is automatically deducted from the amount paid by the shipment to the carrier. In case of non-payment by the DISPATCH broker, the carrier undertakes to immediately reimburse dispatch an amount equal to the sums not paid by the broker. ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS Shipping operates within the defined settings in the “Carrier Profiles” section of this Dispatch Agency Agreement. In the event that DISPATCH reserves a cargo corresponding to the shipment of trucks from the carrier, the carrier undertakes to pay DISPATCH as agreed in the “Obligations of the carrier” section of the contract. NOTE: In order to avoid unavailable equipment charges, it is very important to notify dispatch immediately when the truck is loaded from another source.

The carrier undertakes to notify DISPATCH on the day the truck or trucks are available for shipment and to inform DISPATCH of changes in status or immediate delays. DISPATCH will tend to use cargo-related documentation and communication by phone, fax or e-mail, including installation documents (carrier package) that list dispatch as primary contact, tariff confirmations, certificates of responsibility with broker listed as certificate holders, Notices of Assignment (NOAS) to send goods to CARRIER for intergovernmental transport by CARRIER as part of the registration The courts of CARRIER Operating Aut have tendered Hority and Carrier Profile Section of this AGREEMENT. . . .

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