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We must have received these documents within 7 calendar days from the date of publication of your results. Please email the documentation to Once the required documents are received, this will be verified and, if we are satisfied, we will cancel your agreement and refund the deposit or rental in advance. On our important information page, you can access, download and save copies of the last student agreement, a summary of the changes and all BU policies and procedures under You can also access previous versions of the student agreement and a summary of the changes on our student agreement archive page. *Please note that some policy links may be redirected to the latest version of the policy. This includes (but is not limited to) updates to the rules relating to your course or training, tuition payment and the impact on tuition fees if a student interrupts their studies, how we change a published course, our complaints procedure and what to do if you think your circumstances could influence your assessment results. It is important that all BU students – new and back at all levels – become familiar with all the changes that will come into effect from the beginning of 2019/20. We have also put in place a Student Charter developed in collaboration with your student association (SUBU) to define the principles we support and how we expect anyone in our BU community to behave. It is not legally binding and explains what you can expect from the university and what we expect from our students. If you need access to previous versions of policies and procedures, please email

If you are a potential first-year student and your offer for a place at your preferred university/university is withdrawn by the university/university because you have not obtained the required entry marks, you may be free to be exempted from this agreement. You may also be allowed to be exempted from this agreement if you are a potential first-year student and decide to go to another university because you have exceeded your expected grades. To request release from this contract in the circumstances mentioned above, you must provide us with a copy of the following: Registered BU students become members of the student population, but you have the right to unsubscribe from this membership. If you do not wish to become a member of the student population, you must unsubscribe from your membership when registering online or send an email to the President of the student community. For more information, visit the SUBU website. If the student finds a replacement tenant who takes care of their room with the same rental duration and weekly price, we can process the booking for the new student, and once the offer has been accepted by the new student and their guarantor and they have paid £250 (if applicable), we will release the original student from his contract…

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