This applies both to the critical level of business and to the general levels. “Preview” means a preview, beta or other pre-release version of a service or software that is offered to obtain customer feedback. Now we have the global availability of regions, the product with the Traffic Manager gives us the overall availability of the system: “Service Credit” is the percentage of the applicable monthly service fee that is credited to you after the approval of Microsoft`s request. “Customer Support” means the Services that enable 21Vianet to assist the Customer in resolving problems with the Services. Azure Availability Zones prices are based on the bandwidth used, i.e. for inbound and outbound data transmissions, and cost $0.01 per Gb each way. There are no data transfer fees between Azure services in the same region. Azure Container Registry is a free service and therefore does not have a financially secure SLA. However, the availability of the underlying memory is subject to the storage SLA….

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