This list may be amended, if necessary, with the agreement of all parties. WHEREAS the FHWA has found that the Federal Aid Highway Program may have an impact on land, included in the National Register of Historic Places or eligible on the National Register of Historic Places and, on March 18, 2010, a Programmatic Agreement (PA) on the implementation of the Federal Aid Highway Program in Pennsylvania with the Historic Preservation Advisory Board (ACHP) and the Pennsylvania Historic State Preservation Officer (SHPO) pursuant to Article 800.14(b) of the CFR (36 CFR 800) relating to the implementation of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (54 U.S.C. § 306108) (Section 106); If PennDOT cancels the project or withdraws its application for federal funding at any time during the course of the project, PennDOT will notify the FHWA. The FHWA will inform the other signatories to the LOA and the ACHP that the agreement will be terminated. The FHWA, in consultation with these parties, will review the impact of all project-related activities conducted prior to the cancellation or withdrawal of the funding application, and the FHWA will assess its responsibilities and obligations in accordance with 36 CFR 800 and define measures to terminate the LOA. ** XI.A (1) and (2) This language on the role of the (regional) director does not alter the final responsibility assigned to agency heads pursuant to Section 110(l) of the National Historic Preservation Act in cases where there is an adverse effect not covered by an agreement with the Council. CONSIDERING that provision III.C.2.j.3) provides for the preparation and implementation of a letter of consent in the event of agreement on measures to be taken to remedy the negative effects between the necessary parties; Has. The superintendents` current performance contracts contain a section on park resource management. Superintendents are responsible for the park`s compliance activities under Section 106 as part of this performance evaluation system. Any signatory to the amended PA may terminate it by providing thirty (30) days in writing for the other parties, provided that the parties consult during the period preceding the denunciation in order to reach agreement on modifications or other measures that would avoid denouncing it. In the event of termination, the FHWA conducts an individual review of the project in accordance with 36 CFR Part 800. . .


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