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When stock-based compensation agreements are entered into by the purchaser and replaced, the value of these bonuses must be divided between the pre-combination and pre-combination and pre-combination service and the pre-combination service and take them into account accordingly. [IFRS 3.B56-B62B] When companies that belong to different sectors and manufacture very different products and combine under the banner of a central agency, this is called a mixed or circular combination. IFRS 3 (2008) aims to improve the relevance, reliability and comparability of information provided on corporate mergers (. B, for example, acquisitions and mergers) and their effects. It sets out the principles of collecting and evaluating acquired assets and liabilities, determining goodhage and the necessary information. The volume of capital can be increased by the formation of a combination. Members pool their resources to act in large format. The combination is very effective in controlling overproduction. It helps to adapt supply to demand. Pending payment, cancellation or obligation of any liability, a potential liability recorded in the initial accounting of a business combination is assessed at the highest amount that would be recorded in accordance with IAS 37 Provisions, potential liabilities and potential assets, and the amount decreased from accumulated amortization according to IAS 18 Turnover.

[IFRS 3.56] The table below summarizes some of the major differences in the accounting of business combinations under IFRS 3 (2008) and IFRS 3 (2004). The picture is not exhaustive. Combination formation eliminates unnecessary competition and member companies make monopoly gains. Side integration refers to the combination of these companies that manufacture different types of products, although they are “in one way or another allies”. An acquirer is required to disclose information that allows users of its financial statements to assess the nature and financial impact of a business combination, either during the current reference period or after the end of the period, but before the financial statements for the issuance are approved. [IFRS 3.59] It quickly did the economic activities. Now there is close contact with one businessman with others. This is how it contributed to the growth of the combination. In the event of consolidation of the business, the purchaser then declares consolidated results that combine its own financial statements with those of the acquired.

In this consolidation, the purchaser does not include the purchaser`s financial statements for the periods prior to the acquisition date. Although business consolidation is first and foremost to achieve a common (single) goal, it can also be formed with the following reasons in mind:- It is only the moral duty of business units to keep the promise. If the purchaser and purchaser were parties to a pre-existing relationship (for example. B, the purchaser had granted the purchaser a right to exploit his intellectual property), it should be taken into account separately from the business combination. In most cases, this results in the recording of a profit or loss for the amount of consideration transferred to the seller, which is effectively a “count” of the existing relationship. The amount of profit or loss is measured as follows: within the framework of the trade association, national business units operating in a particular sector meet and discuss issues relating to the promotion of their economic and commercial interests. An entity is an integrated set of activities and assets that can offer investors a return in the form of dividends, reduced costs or other economic benefits. A company usually has entrances, entrances and exits.

An entity in the development phase may not have any expenses yet, in which case you can replace other factors, for example. B if you have started to operate and have production plans and have access to customers who can get the results.

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