Vector License Agreement

Apr 142021

You, the buyer alone, have the right to use the content, although you can only transfer files containing content to your customers, printers or ISPs for legitimate purposes, provided that these parties do not have additional or additional rights to use the content and cannot access that file or cannot extract it from a file you provide. You can create a copy of the content for backup purposes. When you download content from Vecteezy`s website, you will get a limited license for content usage under this license agreement and depending on the licensing option applicable to the type of content you download or choose. If you subscribe to a Vecteezy Pro subscription plan, also choose (1) your subscription time (for example. B per month or year), which is automatically extended until it is cancelled, (2) the number of content you can download each month of your active subscription and (3) the number of places needed for your team (for example. B the number of individual employees of the licensee who can download and use content (the licensee being a legal entity). When you upload content to VectorStock®, the artist concerned will provide you with a license to use that content under the conditions listed below. The type of rights you are granted depends on whether you want to download free-licensed, standard or extended license content. If you are not sure if a use is allowed under your license, please contact []. VectorStock Media Ltd (VectorStock, us, us or ours) offers a service for the delivery and licensing of vector images, graphics, icons and illustrations (content) via the (service) website. The service allows people to house content (artists), make their content available on the VectorStock site® and download people registered with us (members), content from the Website VectorStock®.

The service serves as an exchange to allow each artist to give members a license to use the artist`s content when it is downloaded.

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