Apr 122021

It`s a good idea for the corporate health care provider to appoint an account manager or, if it`s not big enough to guarantee, it`s simply a good regular point of contact (POC) with the employer, the Association of Business Nurses (AOHNP) points out. The usual way to meet the expectations of the customer and their employees is to discuss and agree on how your service will function during preliminary interviews prior to the award of the contract. Once the decision is made, the service provided should be clearly set out in a document called the Service Level Agreement (SLA) or contract. The service level agreement also includes the agreed objectives your service promises to make, z.B. “I will report a report back to management within five business days after an evaluation of the display screens,” or HR will be responsible for setting up all dates. To the right! After reading my book How to Start a Healthy Business, you decided to create your own occupational health service. So much to do and it`s so exciting. But wait – you need some important documents in place before you start offering your services to customers – it`s something you can`t catch up with when you get there. “From the point of view of absence management or the risk environment, the OH provider should offer types of services and delivery methods that meet the specific needs, objectives and budget of the client. It is therefore important that the customer openly discusses with the provider why they need oh service, the service priorities they have, and the higher goals they have,” she adds.¬†Customer satisfaction should be part of the process, as well as management`s satisfaction with the way the service is delivered and the ease of use. It may be necessary to hold a management meeting during the contract on a specific date, during which strategic discussions can be conducted with senior management of the employer and the contract,” adds AOHNP. Ultimately, an “informed” customer is a customer who negotiates his contractual terms with the supplier, not the other way around, suggests Paul F Faupel, director of campus health and safety and security facilities at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, in a personal capacity.

For a referral or absence management service to be successful, the referral manager must ask the right questions to the OH provider, she says. It is also important to ensure that a full service implementation plan has been established and that both parties have also contributed to it.

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