An agreement on the worker`s equipment is an agreement between the employer and the worker, in which the employer allows a worker to use his facilities to properly carry out his duties for the work. This agreement outlines the general obligations and responsibilities of staff in the management and maintenance of the equipment, as well as detailed equipment details, such as equipment model and marks, serial number, among others. The agreement also assists in the management of the employer`s equipment inventory to determine who among its employees is in possession of the equipment. In an agreement on the use of devices, you will generally pre-place and describe the equipment you provide to employees. For example, a form for a company laptop form may indicate the laptop`s brand, specifications, initial status, and all contents extras, such as software, chargers and cables. In addition to providing details about the product, the agreement could explain how the device is connected to the company`s network and its potential features and why the company uses the device. Other sections of personal use of the company`s equipment policy detail the rules for using devices both in the office and at home, if any. There will also be a section explaining basic services and alerting employees to the risks associated with the misuse of their devices, as well as details explaining how your business will handle lost or damaged devices, including liability and employees will follow. Mark uses the computer to perform his tasks. Again and again, Mark will use his break time to play games on the computer. You`ve never seen him play video games at the time of the company, and that doesn`t seem to affect his work or that of other employees. You tell Mark to stop? Among the problems that may arise when using personal devices that are part of the company, such as computers, tools or vehicles: if your IT department remains available for support, you provide information about who should contact employees with network connectivity problems.

It`s also a good idea to take a look at the computer on all the devices that are proposed to be used to make sure they are compatible, and also to have a list of authorized devices and operating systems. Share this by device for a single and have a separate list for smartphones and tablets. Remember employees that if they have operating equipment, they must take care of their own device and treat it like the office. Many corporate equipment policies contain a general statement that employees are required to do so and ensure that all devices or laptops they own are stored securely. A number of problems can arise when employees use business equipment for personal use. Losses in productivity and misuse of business resources can be addressed by employment guidelines that address the personal use of commercial equipment. Devices like mobile phones and laptops are expensive in the end. It is simply a good idea to have a document that guarantees their safety when they are outside the site. A company equipment agreement also means that your business can be reassured if you know that there are measures that minimize the impact of nasty surprises such as stealing a corporate phone.

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