Apr 082021

A contribution to the NEA-NH Apple Corps Fund supports candidates who support public education, the rights of collective agreements and ensuring that every child in the NH receives a quality education. At municipal assemblies and elections, NEA-affiliated associations in the eastern region had nine agreements ratified by voters. Barrington Education Association Freedom Education Association Gov Wentworth Education Association Gov Wentworth Education Association Of The Northwood Educational Support Staff Association Nottingham Paraprofessionals Education Association in Rollinsford Education Association Tamworth Educational Support Professionals Wakefield Paraprofessionals Union New collective agreements were approved last night by voters for NEA-affiliated associations in the Monadnock region. Members` efforts to reach voters on the importance of public education support have led to new CBAs for: Jaffrey-Rindge Education Association Mascenic Education Association Keene Education Association Winchester Teachers Association Monadnock District Education Association Monadnock Education Support Association ConVal Education Association Hinsdale Votes this Saturday NEA-NH Local Associations in the Western Region very did well at the last night night , particularly in Newport, where educators have seen their efforts successful, with their three-year contract expiring after years of work under an expired contract. Grantham Education Association – 3 years of CBA Fall Mountain Educational Support Staff – 3 years of NEA-NH in the Seacoast area have also done very well in the polls. While we are still waiting for some results and the possibility of a recount in a city, we can report that 10 associations related to the NEA-NH voted their CBA by voters, including: Epping Education Association Exeter Paraprofessional Association Fremont Education Association A unique source of legislative issues concerning our members and the educational community. Get Involved, From today, candidates decide what topics they will face. Let us make public education at the top of his agenda. To ensure that our members can learn about candidates` positions on key issues, we have developed an interactive candidate comparison tool.

The weight of the 2020 elections is not easy. We elect more than the next president. We define who we are as a people. We determine the values and principles in the soul of the country. That`s right. After their second walk-in and walk-out (work at agreed hours), dover teachers gathered in front of the town hall before today`s school committee meeting. The negotiators of the Dover Teachers` Union are meeting friday morning with the board of directors for their tenth and hopefully last meeting.

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