I was struck by a comment the lovely amyj made in a recent blog post:

I remember when Ben used to say “Happy Day” instead of Happy Birthday. I don’t know when he stopped…you never know when they will stop doing those things…you always noticed the “firsts”, the “lasts” seem to slip by…. I wonder when the last time Nora will make her little snoring sound when she lays down to sleep or notices something sleeping or puts her babies or animals to sleep …

Indeed.  For years I’ve intended to more systematically capture the countless precious moments, hilarious tidbits, etc. that our kids produce on a daily basis.  It occurred to me that posterous.com, which I’d briefly toyed with over the holidays but not really found a real use for, would be perfect for this.

And so I now intend to start recording those moments — the things the kids say that make me smile or laugh, the fun things we do, et cetera.  At the risk of  overwhelming cheesiness, John Lennon put it well:   “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Here it is.  Honestly, it will probably bore you with its detail.  I’m the intended audience, I’m just keeping it public.  So follow along if you’d like.

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