I haven’t posted here in forever – lately I’ve spent all of my non-working online time with things a bit lighter-weight than blogging.  Places I have a presence include:

If we know each other and you’re on the above, send me a friend/link invite so we can connect there as well.

I’ll still occasionally post here (probably about as often as I have the past few years), though by far most of my day-to-day activity is in one of the above.

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  1. Hey Josh! my name is Mel. I have recently gotten a roomba530 and an arduino nove. I used roombacomm to show status and to completely control the roomba. But, for the life of me, I cannot get the arduino to communicate with the roomba. It runs the bumpturn but only turns on the roomba and goes forward. I checked all of the lines of code and it completely stops when it say “while serial available”. I am really pulling out my hair and could use some advice if you have time.


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