I haven’t posted here in forever – lately I’ve spent all of my non-working online time with things a bit lighter-weight than blogging.  Places I have a presence include:

If we know each other and you’re on the above, send me a friend/link invite so we can connect there as well.

I’ll still occasionally post here (probably about as often as I have the past few years), though by far most of my day-to-day activity is in one of the above.


… and it makes me feel like I have laryngitis.

I had a near miss at a failblog-worthy photo when I happened upon the following scene in an airport last week:


The title of the book isn’t really visible in the hastily-taken cell phone camera shot, but it’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Seriously.

Twitter seems to be back now.


Apologies for the few weeks with no index page … I obviously typo’d something on the command line a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks to G for pointing it out.

All is well now.


I just realized that the blog post I just made is the second in a row that doesn’t do much more than link to dumbrella artists. I have done things in the last month other than read web comics. Really. Actually, it’s been a very busy month, which is at least part of why there hasn’t been much here. The rest of why is largely twitter, the micro-bloggy nature of which seems to have received the bulk of my “I should tell someone about that” urge.

I’ll write more here soon. In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious picture of Nora, with costuming by Ben and photography by Amy (of course). I love my family.



I took Friday off of work in order to have Memorial Day make an easy 4-day weekend.  I didn’t have any particular plans, but we had beautiful weather and no shortage of options.  In no particular order, then, my weekend included:

  • had lunch at la Queretana, a new Mexican restaurant on the west side (thanks to Jay for the recommendation)
  • styled & repotted new twin-trunk arborvitae
  • repotted small new windswept juniper
  • styled & repotted new ‘rainbow’s end’ dwarf alberta spruce
  • styled dwarf korean lilac that’s been sitting in a training pot for 2 years
  • finished detail wiring and repotted semi-cascading juniper (with very cool deadwood potential)
  • saw Waitress at Sundance 608 (the movie was ok, the theater was pretty cool, though pricey)
  • checked out the new Muramoto restaurant, Sushi Muramoto.  It’s no Restaurant Muramoto, though it doesn’t try to be, and is good nonetheless
  • went to the gym with the whole family
  • acquired and built and unattractive but utilitarian plastic tool shed in the backyard
  • had a great Q at Jon & Colleen’s (though Colleen was absent), with tasty pork a la Doug
  • hiked partway out to Picnic Point and back (hiking with a 3 year-old and a 4 month old)
  • went to the Farmer’s Market
  • biked to the Zoo, at times through the Madison Marathon
  • made a quadruple batch of bolognese sauce
  • had lunch at La Hacienda (this always seems to happen after we go to the Zoo)
  • participated in Nora’s first carousel ride & first time down a slide
  • finished plans for the backyard patio project w/ Amy
  • made pizza with Ben (we cheated and used pre-made crusts & sauce from Fraboni’s, but it was pretty good nonetheless)

Whew — I’m sure I forgot something, but that’s the bulk of it.  It was a busy weekend.


… that Joseph Schumpeter once challenged a librarian to a duel (over his students’ access to books).  He won (after taking a chunk of the librarian’s shoulder out with his sword).  This book looks interesting.


I occasionally occupy rooms (bedrooms, living rooms, office rooms, etc.) for years and years with blankBlankwall walls staring down at me.  I enjoy visual art and decor as much as the next person, and while I can procrastinate with the best of them, I’m not that lazy.  My hang-up (pun intended) has to do with what the act of actually putting whatever on that blank spot in the wall implies — that this painting is just that good.  That I like that picture well enough to privilege it above all of the other options.  An indecisiveness, in short, born of an inappropriately exaggerated sense of finality, permanence, completeness, whatever.

I am, I fear, making myself sound insane.  (I’d suggest that the self-awareness here gets me some sanity credits).  And what in the world does this have to do with anything that the 3.2 people who could possibly still have this RSS feed in their aggregators care about?  I mention my decorating tendencies by way of analogy and explanation:  I think I have come to see this blog in the same way. While it’s been over six months since I’ve posted here, I have literally started dozens of posts, written notes about things that interest me, tagged hundreds of URLs, etc.  None of these things are here because none of them are that good, none are worthy of being privileged over the others by an appearance here.

Just as this way of thinking about it is silly and suffering under an inappropriate exaggeration in the context of my walls, so is it here. And so, it comes to this:  I’m either going to stop treating this space quite so gingerly, or I’m going to stop bothering with it altogether.  I’m honestly not sure which it will be, but I’m going to give the former a shot.


My friend Mike C from ages and ages ago (with whom I don’t stay in nearly good enough contact) has started blogging his adventures driving a cab in NYC. Mike is one of the most friendly and genuinely nice people I’ve ever encountered, and this view through his lens on humanity is heartwarming, funny, and chock full of advice you’ll use every day, like this:

If you’re a leggy, gorgeous blonde with low self-esteem who just might be spending the rest of the night performing oral sex on a celebrity so you can feel good about yourself and get that little extra inch closer to stardom… your make-up is the last thing you should be worried about.


While I haven’t spent much time blogging lately, my use of del.icio.us as a bookmark and research tool has become deeply ingrained in my intarweb usage. An up-to-the-minute peek inside the recent browsing to which I’ve attributed any degree of lasting significance can be found here, and I’ve added a brief taste on the left-hand sidebar, as well.

I like the weighted “cloud” display of tag prevalence that del.icio.us can do (below), though I wish there were some way to fix it in time, e.g. to enable a weekly or monthly post showing my cloud at that moment. Alas…


War Room – Salon.com:

“The letter Rep. Jo Ann Emerson sent to one of her constituents read like any other a 20-year-old legislative correspondent might prepare for a member of Congress: Thank you for writing, your concerns are important to me, blah, blah, blah. Then came the kicker: ‘I think you’re an asshole.'”

Following this rather unpolitic sentiment, the representative signed the letter and added a personalized post-script conveying her regrets for the response’s delay! Bwahahahaha… that letter belongs on ebay, or at least a campaign office’s wall.

Blogthings have been quiet here lately, as A and I get settled back into regular life after our long-delayed honeymoon (almost 5 years late is better than never). We had a great two weeks in Italy, and will have photos, etc. – we’re actually hoping to do a travelogue via google earth – up as soon as we can.

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