My twitter stream — okay, “trickle” might be more accurate — has for the past few weeks mostly been about my continued work on our backyard chicken coop (more on that later).

While the coop isn’t quite done, earlier this week we took delivery of its future inhabitants.  As usual, @amyj has better pictures, but I’ve got webcams and sensors!  You can follow along with the growth and play of our baby chicks here.  They mostly just eat and poop, but they’re really cute while they’re doing it.  [Note: you can click around in the interface to see different views, sensor readings, etc.]

At the moment there are eight chicks, due to an order processing error (we only ordered four).  Hopefully we’ll find the extras a new home soon, and it’ll just be the four again.


I was struck by a comment the lovely amyj made in a recent blog post:

I remember when Ben used to say “Happy Day” instead of Happy Birthday. I don’t know when he stopped…you never know when they will stop doing those things…you always noticed the “firsts”, the “lasts” seem to slip by…. I wonder when the last time Nora will make her little snoring sound when she lays down to sleep or notices something sleeping or puts her babies or animals to sleep …

Indeed.  For years I’ve intended to more systematically capture the countless precious moments, hilarious tidbits, etc. that our kids produce on a daily basis.  It occurred to me that, which I’d briefly toyed with over the holidays but not really found a real use for, would be perfect for this.

And so I now intend to start recording those moments — the things the kids say that make me smile or laugh, the fun things we do, et cetera.  At the risk of  overwhelming cheesiness, John Lennon put it well:   “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Here it is.  Honestly, it will probably bore you with its detail.  I’m the intended audience, I’m just keeping it public.  So follow along if you’d like.


I took Friday off of work in order to have Memorial Day make an easy 4-day weekend.  I didn’t have any particular plans, but we had beautiful weather and no shortage of options.  In no particular order, then, my weekend included:

  • had lunch at la Queretana, a new Mexican restaurant on the west side (thanks to Jay for the recommendation)
  • styled & repotted new twin-trunk arborvitae
  • repotted small new windswept juniper
  • styled & repotted new ‘rainbow’s end’ dwarf alberta spruce
  • styled dwarf korean lilac that’s been sitting in a training pot for 2 years
  • finished detail wiring and repotted semi-cascading juniper (with very cool deadwood potential)
  • saw Waitress at Sundance 608 (the movie was ok, the theater was pretty cool, though pricey)
  • checked out the new Muramoto restaurant, Sushi Muramoto.  It’s no Restaurant Muramoto, though it doesn’t try to be, and is good nonetheless
  • went to the gym with the whole family
  • acquired and built and unattractive but utilitarian plastic tool shed in the backyard
  • had a great Q at Jon & Colleen’s (though Colleen was absent), with tasty pork a la Doug
  • hiked partway out to Picnic Point and back (hiking with a 3 year-old and a 4 month old)
  • went to the Farmer’s Market
  • biked to the Zoo, at times through the Madison Marathon
  • made a quadruple batch of bolognese sauce
  • had lunch at La Hacienda (this always seems to happen after we go to the Zoo)
  • participated in Nora’s first carousel ride & first time down a slide
  • finished plans for the backyard patio project w/ Amy
  • made pizza with Ben (we cheated and used pre-made crusts & sauce from Fraboni’s, but it was pretty good nonetheless)

Whew — I’m sure I forgot something, but that’s the bulk of it.  It was a busy weekend.

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